October 2019

October 1, 2019






From the CEO...


As you read this edition, we have completed our end of year reporting and created our 2019-2020 service plan.  The following service analysis was  completed by our fiscal staff:


Fiscal year 2018-19 ended with a 3.80% (146 individuals) increase in numbers of people served with slight variations up and down in units of service provided. The increase is primarily in home delivered meal consumers and assessments. We have also had increases in the number of consumers with a PERS (Personal Emergency Response System) and medicine box fills.


When the Agency projects numbers of people to be served and units of service to be provided, those estimates are based largely on trends in service delivery from previous years. Those figures are then paired with the budget allocation for the coming year. Sometimes service adjustments must be made due to constraints imposed by the funding limitations. This strategy is commonly used for planning and pacing. The projected figures are compared with actual figures at monthly meetings throughout the year, and it is always a source of great interest to see how closely the actual figures were to the predicted ones. The following is a compilation of the actual figures served in 2018-19.


One-thousand and fourteen (1,014) people received 151,852 home delivered meals through the regular Meals on Wheels and More program. That is an increase of 9.15% in the number of consumers served by this program and an 11.16% increase in the number of meals served. The Waiver Program served an additional 10,817 meals for a total of 162,669 meals served.


We ended the fiscal year with 68 consumers enrolled in our waiver program; a planned decrease, due to the decision to discontinue service coordination by 12/31/19.  All consumers have been transitioned at this time.  Because of an intense package of services, these people successfully remained in their own homes, avoiding or delaying institutionalization. Over nine million dollars ($9,145,815.75) worth of services in Clearfield County were authorized and ordered to assist them in remaining at home. The Protective Services Unit received 578 Reports of Need and conducted 332 investigations of suspected abuse. We also processed 180 APS (Adult  Protective Services) under 60 Reports of Need.


Apprise worked with 2,111 clients on the PA Statewide Apprise Hotline. This is an increase of 18.20%. Staff also assisted 730 Clearfield County consumers with in-depth help on their health insurance issues.


The Agency provided partial financial reimbursement for 3,910 transportation trips for 64 people this past year.


Services provided to people under the age of 60 are largely due to individuals receiving assessments to determine their eligibility to reside in nursing or personal care homes. Consumers under the age of 60 are also in the Caregiver Support Program, the Health and Wellness Program, and Apprise Services (for which there are no age restrictions) and Adult Protective          Services.


The Agency’s Nursing Home Transition program successfully transitioned 33 people from nursing homes back into a community setting this year. 


  • The Agency enrolled 2,702 new consumers this fiscal year .

  • At the end of the fiscal year, 22 consumers were waiting for services due to a lack of direct care workers in Clearfield County.

  • Tax-Aide assisted with preparation of state and federal tax returns, as well as rent rebates, for a total of 2,554 returns prepared.

  • 24,734 volunteer hours were provided through the Volunteer Center of Clearfield County volunteers who serve in public agencies, other private non-profit organizations, or               proprietary health care organizations.

  • 9813 hours were provided directly to the AAA by volunteers of all ages.


Despite the significant challenges of being flat funded, we continue to create new services to meet the ever increasing needs in our service area. Through the inclusion of the Care Transitions program, an evidence based approach to providing skills for individuals to recognize the changes in their chronic medical conditions to reduce the readmission rate in to the hospital, coupled with the provision of alarmed medication boxes for individuals in the Options program, we have seen a      significant increase in medication compliance and decreased hospitalization rate for those we serve.  We have increased our educational programming in the community to include classes in Chronic Disease Self-Management, Diabetes Self-Management, Chronic Pain Management and a number of evidence based  programs aimed at improving  balance and remaining mobile.  If you have not yet enrolled in one of these programs, please consider it in the New Year.  Our staff remain extremely flexible and dedicated to providing the best service for our consumers and their families.


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In our June newsletter, we were excited to announce that Julie Hunsinger resumed employment with the CCAAA.  Julie earned her Registered Nurse license in 1990 and worked with the Area Agency on Aging on two separate occasions in temporary positions from 2011 to 2014. Julie has been having a wonderful time serving as a substitute Center Manager for our Kylertown Center for Active Living.  So much so, that Julie was awarded the Center Manager position at Kylertown CAL on a regular, part-time basis.





At our Coalport Center for Active Living, Pamela Kauffman joined our team in August as regular, part-time Center Manager.  Pam is a Master  Gardener and many of you may know her from her work with the community garden in Coalport.  Mrs. Kauffman worked for over two decades at J C Penney.  Pam  began her career at Penney’s as a Sales Associate.  She moved into the position of Floor Supervisor, and was promoted again to Manager of the Pricing Team. Pam  retired from J C Penney in 2012 and their loss is a gain for residents of Coalport and the CCAAA.




We are also pleased to report that Bob Haight has been promoted to the position of Facilities & Vehicles Manager.  This position is  responsible for coordinating and monitoring the maintenance, safety, and security of all agency-owned facilities and agency owned/leased vehicles. This includes the day-to-day activities of loss prevention, risk management, safety/security, maintenance, landscaping, snow removal, and other facility operations. Bob also assists with “Meals on Wheels and More” program activities and supervision.  Mr. Haight has been employed in the facility maintenance department of the CCAAA for the last four years.  Bob’s  prior employment included work at Saupp Signs LLC as a Sign Technician & Builder, and as a Warehouse/Point of Sale Worker at Clearfield Agway.

 He also earned a computer certificate from SCT Pittsburgh in computer graphics software and hardware.





Joshua Bush joined our maintenance department on July 1, 2019 as Facilities Technician.  Josh graduated with his Associate’s Maintenance Electrical degree through Triangle Tech.  Prior to joining the Area Agency on Aging, Josh was an Electrician/Owner of Bush Electric where he worked with residential and  commercial electrical systems. Josh also worked at KMI Holdings Inc. as a Manager where he would lead other employees in their daily tasks, ensure  proper placement of supply orders and attended to anything that needed repaired or replaced.





Our final introduction is for Kimberly Bumbarger, who began employment as a casual Meals on Wheels & More Driver.  This important position serves as a substitute when our regular route drivers are absent. This service ensures that welfare checks and deliveries of nutritious meals to homebound persons continue  without interruption. Kimberly worked in the Clearfield area for many years.  She was previously employed as Assistant Manager at Burger King and Kentucky Fried Chicken. From there, she went to Berg Electronics where she worked as a Level 4 Molding Operator for nine years until the plant shut down.  Kim’s most recent employment was as Late Head Cook for Penn Highlands Clearfield Hospital.