April 2019

April 12, 2019





From the CEO...


In February, 2019, the master renderings of the Village of Hope were completed and are available for viewing at the newly developed website, www.ourvillageofhope.com. We are now focused on fundraising to begin the work of creating the first-of-its-kind MAGIC (multi-ability, multi-generational, inclusive community).


Why?  For years our society has been focused on the de-institutionalization of prisons and of state hospitals, yet our elders continue to be placed in institutions, simply because of needing assistance with daily living activities. We segregate them from the rest of our community, offering occasional “activities” with the other generations typically only during the holidays. Having these well intentioned programs often serves as a reminder to our  elders of what they can no longer regularly experience, through no fault of their own. There remains a gap in available affordable senior housing options.  For those who are no longer physically or financially able to maintain the homes that they raised their children in, the options are limited, especially for those who desire to remain in their communities and living with neighbors of different ages and stages of life. Many of our seniors are residing in dwellings that would be considered deplorable. In addition, more and more seniors are raising grandchildren and, at times, great-grandchildren.


There are currently 400,000 individuals living with Alzheimer’s disease or related dementias in Pennsylvania.  There are virtually no memory support programs available for those and their families living with this devastating  disease.  The Village of Hope will be a supportive community for these individuals and families. The MAGIC housing model is intended to push back to the existing care model for dementia.  In partnership with Dr. Bill Thomas, international authority on geriatric  medicine and elder care and his team of innovative international partners, we intend to change the projection for our elders and their families.  Construction on the first phase of the Village of Hope will soon be underway and consists of 20 individual homes built by Minka, with a goal of eventually building 60 homes on the 23 acre   property in Girard Township, formerly the Girard Goshen School site.  Using a 3D printed model, Minka homes are built through modular construction and enabled with technologies to help       seniors and others who need support to live independently. You can learn more about the Minka homes at www.myminka.com.


The Village of Hope is an opportunity to create a community where neighbors help neighbors, mitigating the risk for institutionalization. 


There is a crises currently in the availability of direct care workers to support individuals in need in their homes and communities.  If some of those tasks can be accomplished through the use of advanced technology, and individuals are   clustered, yet have their own homes, it will certainly change the way direct care is provided.


We have met with a number of seniors over the past few years who currently provide daily support for adult children with disabilities and are concerned about planning for the future of their adult children in need of support. Our vision is to create an opportunity to increase the quantity and quality of community relationships for those families. With support from our Governing Board of Directors, our elected officials and our community, your Area Agency on Aging, and its subsidiary, Mature Resources Incorporated, will be a pioneer in changing aging!


The first Village of Hope fundraiser will be held on April 26, 2019 at Luigi’s Villa. Details can be found on our website: www.ccaaa.net or by calling the agency at 814-765-2696.


Stay Well,


Kathy Gillespie, CEO









We’re excited to introduce three new members of our “Meals on Wheel & More” delivery team.  Ken Wisor, Sr. and Ken Martell joined our agency in February as casual drivers.  Each serves an important role as a substitute driver to help us provide uninterrupted service to program participants when our regular drivers are absent.  




Ken Wisor is a long-term resident of Clearfield County.  Mr. Wisor graduated from Clearfield Area High School and received his Associate Degree in Industrial Management from Williamsport Community College.  Ken recently retired from Wal-Mart, where he had been employed for 25 years.  Ken also gained experience as a drag operator during his employment with LT contracting.  Mr. Wisor has been training and delivering to our customers in the DuBois area.





Ken Martell also attended Clearfield Area High School.  Mr. Martell previously worked as an equipment operator for Riverhill Coal Company.  Ken has been retired for 12 years and approached our agency regarding employment opportunities after seeing news coverage on our Village of Hope project.  We’re glad he stopped in and wanted to assist others through Meals on Wheels!



Tom Young began his journey with the CCAAA on February 19, 2019.  Tom is a regular, part-time “Meals on Wheels & More” driver.  Mr. Young is a recent retiree.  In December 2018, after 28 years of service, he retired from his position as a corrections officer for the Clearfield County Jail.  Now, Tom works weekdays delivering meals and brightening the faces of customers on one of our Clearfield area routes. 



We are also pleased to introduce Lori McKendrick as our newest Administrative Assistant.  Lori joined our agency on February 25, 2019.  Ms. McKendrick graduated as a Medical  Administrative   Assistant through the Computer Learning Network in Altoona, PA. Prior to joining the Area Agency on Aging, Lori worked at the law office of Neiswender & Kubista, where she prepared documents and correspondence for attorneys and the courts; ordered supplies; managed telephone calls and messages as well as incoming and outgoing mail; and scheduled appointments. Prior to her law office employment, Lori worked as an Executive Secretary for Clearfield County Government. Lori’s past employment experience with different types of Administrative work has given her a step-up in her new role with our Agency.  



Last, but certainly not least, we congratulate Kathy Proud on achieving official status as an Ombudsman!  Mrs. Proud completed Assistant Ombudsman training in November 2018 and Certified Ombudsman training on February 21, 2019.  Jan Brown, Pennsylvania Ombudsman Specialist, approved issuance of the Ombudsman badge to Mrs. Proud.  As an Ombudsman, Kathy provides professional advocacy, technical assistance, and program education for the Pennsylvania Long Term Care Ombudsman Program.  The goal of the program is to help preserve resident rights and improve the quality of life for those living in long term care facilities. Great job, Kathy!












Seniors at the Coalport Center for Active Living participated in the CCAAA Chronic Pain Self-Management classes. They completed six, 2 ½ hour, weekly sessions discussing healthy eating, physical activity, medication, stress management, communication, problem solving, decision making, and working with their health care professionals.


Participants engaged in interactive sessions that helped them to build confidence in their abilities to manage their health and maintain active, fulfilling lives.


A graduation celebration was held on Friday, March 1st.  The participants received a certificate and enjoyed some healthy snacks.


If you would like to learn more about upcoming classes, please contact the CCAAA at 765-2696.


Programs and services of CCAAA, Inc. are funded in part by the PA Department of Aging, the CCAAA, Mature Resources, and local and client contributions.







CCAAA Looking for Tourist Attractions and Points of Interest Photos


Have you taken a scenic photo of Clearfield County that you would like to share with others?  The Clearfield County Area Agency on Aging, Inc. is looking for digital photos to feature in our 2020 lottery calendar. The theme for the 2020 calendar is “Tourist Attractions and Points of Interest throughout Clearfield County.” Capture interesting scenes in Clearfield County as you see them on your travels about the area.  (Photos of people or close ups of plants or animals will not be selected.) Then, simply email them to tkhoury@ccaaa.net.  Include the location of the photo, date taken, your name and contact information with your submission. All photos must be taken in landscape format. If your photo is of a historic site, please include any additional information about the site.  By submitting your photo, you are permitting the CCAAA to use the photo.  The deadline to submit photos is May 17, 2019.


The Agency’s Advisory Council will select the photos for use in the 2020 calendar. Photographers whose pictures are chosen will receive a complimentary calendar and two tickets to the Agency’s 24th Annual Anne S. Thacik Charity Auction to be held October 10, 2019.


Our numbered calendars are sold for $25 to people all over the USA and even in some foreign countries.  Proceeds from the sales benefit Centers for Active Living throughout Clearfield County.  If you need additional information, contact Terry Khoury, Coordinator of Mission Advancement & Public Relations, at 814-765-2696.


Programs and services of the Agency are funded in part by the Pennsylvania Department of Aging, the Clearfield County Area Agency on Aging, Inc., Mature Resources Foundation, local and consumer contributions, and fundraisers such as this.







Pre-registration is required.

Cost is $20 per person
or $15 per person for AARP members.




to graduates

55 or older









As we age, two things tend to happen.  One, we take for granted what everyone knows about us or secondly, we forget what we know about ourselves!  It is important to have items in writing and available.  Remember this - assume nothing.  Sometimes, items are of delicate nature and are not discussed: trust that it is easier to discuss than to guess!  The Boy Scout motto of ‘be  prepared’ is a necessity. It is my hope that, in future Lifespan editions, we will touch on some of these topics in detail, specifically when someone passes away.


One of the very first steps to be taken is creating an “important material file.”  This file needs to contain important information about you or your loved one, depending on the specific situation.  First, a person’s social security number is a key component. Sure, this may seem a common-sense matter, but it is a constant occurrence that family members do not know someone’s social security number or where to look for the social security number.  (NOTE:  Social Security numbers may NOT be the same as Medicare/Medicaid numbers.)  When someone passes away, the Social Security office requires a form to be completed to deactivate the number.  This will prevent fraudulent use of the number and will cease benefits.  Who is entitled to survivor benefits from Social Security?  What happens to the payment of Social Security benefits when someone passes away?  These questions will be addressed in future editions of the CCAAA’s Lifespan.


Submitted by:

Brock Shaffer

Note:  Brock Shaffer is a licensed funeral  director and partner of the Kevin A. Beardsley Funeral Home as well as PA Simple          Cremation.