August 2018

October 2, 2018





From the CEO...


On June 26th, the first ECHO (Elder Cottage Housing Option) house in Pennsylvania was presented by Mature Resources Incorporated, a subsidiary of the Clearfield County Area Agency on Aging, Inc.  This first cottage is located in Sabula in Sandy Township.  We are grateful for the support of the family who is hosting the structure, for their patience and support through more than a year of preparation.  In addition, we would also acknowledge with gratitude, the support and cooperation of Sandy Township, the Clearfield County Commissioners, our partners at the Department of Aging and Consultants and also the Governing Board of Directors. This option for elders offers an individual or couple proximity to their adult children or caregivers, while maintaining privacy for both the elder and the host family.  In addition, any needed services and support can be provided for the elder, enabling the individual to age in place. Home and community based providers, home care agencies or individuals will provide services in the accessible home for the individual, and the host family will oversee the care and services. These housing units have at times been referred to as “granny flats” in other states and countries. Elders who choose to downsize have options other than apartment living, and also have more opportunity to remain in their native communities. These manufactured units are specifically designed for individuals to age well, with the environmental support of accessible housing. The goal is to create an environment that will be optimal for individuals as they age and adapt to the physical changes that most often occur with aging.  Your Area Agency on Aging is committed to creating environments conducive to maintaining individuals in their homes and communities.  We are already in the process of researching funding for a second ECHO cottage in our service area, and will continue to creatively address the housing needs of our frail seniors.


As of this writing, we are also working with partners at the state and local level to begin to create a dementia friendly community in one of our townships. Alzheimer’s Disease has directly  affected 400,000 Pennsylvanians and dementia has impacted all of us, directly or indirectly. Individuals and their families struggle with the devastation caused by this disease, every day. Imagine what it would be like to not recognize anyone or anything in your environment! Dementia robs individuals of relationships and their own personality and impacts the lives of the entire family.  Knowing that individuals typically lose short term and recent memory first, we are looking to create a community familiar to the individual experiencing the memory loss; for instance a 1960’s or 1970’s style neighborhood, thereby providing the comfort of familiarity of the physical environment for individual.  This is a lofty vision for sure!  With the ever growing numbers of individuals impacted by Alzheimer’s Disease and related disorders growing every day, we must make sure that care for these individuals is available at the right time, in the right place and in the right amount.  We are surely “Changing Aging” in our community and will continue to do so to meet the needs of our elders and their families!  Together, we can make a difference!


Thank you for your ongoing support!


Stay Well,


Kathleen Gillespie, CEO



Staff Development




We are pleased to introduce several new faces that joined our team between the end of May and the middle of June.


On May 24, the Agency welcomed Mathew Beil to our team as a Protective Services Care Manager. Matt is an Iraq war veteran who earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Penn State University.  For 8 years, Matt served as an Air Traffic Control Operator for the PA Army National Guard at Fort Indiantown Gap.  Matt has held various positions with his most recent employer, Aztec Linear Inc., serving as a Road Surface Marker, Warehouse Superintendent, Administrative Assistant and Foreman. His experience includes a variety of detail-oriented tasks while working as a team member and leader, performing project and  employee supervision, and exercising his ability to remain calm and decisive during stressful situations.


On May 29, Julie Collins began employment as an Intake Worker. Julie earned an Associate degree in Human Development and Family Studies from Penn State                      University.  She previously worked at Community Action in the roles of Care Manager, Family Service Coordinator at the Houtzdale office, and Employment and Training Specialist.  Julie served as Program Supervisor at her most recent employer, Venango Training & Development, where she developed and implemented individual service plans for individuals with intellectual disabilities, maintained a caseload, and supervised eight staff members.  Julie also teaches relationship education classes for the Children’s Aid Society.  Prior to attending college, she worked as a nurse aid for Marion Manor II and as an inspector for Appalachian Wood Products.




Next, we introduce Jason Stone, who began employment on June 4, 2018 as an Options Care Manager. Jason earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal  Justice from Penn State University. Jason graduated as a member of the Alpha Phi Sigma Criminal Justice Honor Society. For 4 years, Jason worked as a Sheet Metal Union Laborer for TMP Manufacturing Inc. Prior to his time at TMP Manufacturing Inc., Jason served Presley Ridge in Pittsburgh as a Teacher/Counselor, providing behavioral, emotional and educational support to clients in a residential facility. Jason also worked for Cen-Clear Child Services as a Therapeutic Support Staff member, providing one-on-one behavioral support to clients in home, school, and  community settings. Jason’s experience includes data entry, strong interpersonal skills while working with and training diverse individuals, and being detail-oriented as an individual and in team-based atmospheres.



Additionally, we introduce Stephanie Errigo. Stephanie joined the Agency on June 12, 2018 as a Care Manager. Stephanie earned a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Pittsburgh and a Master’s Degree in School Counseling from Penn State University. She has worked for the DuBois Area School District for 4 years as a School Counselor for grades K-5, providing referrals and performing group and individual counseling. Stephanie also spent 2 years with Behavioral Advancements of DuBois as a Mobile Therapist, counseling adolescents and coordinating treatment plans. Stephanie has exceptional interpersonal skills based on her experience as a Counselor and Therapist. Stephanie will be employed at the Agency on a temporary status until the middle of August.




October 11, 2018 – Mark this date on your calendar for the 23rd Annual Anne S Thacik Charity Auction.



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Medicare Working To Better Coordinate Health Care



Consumers often ask me why their doctors and nurses no longer use their chart when they go for an office visit.  How do they remember everything that is wrong with me and what test I have done?  The answer is they now chart in a different way to make it safer and easier for the staff that cares for you to keep and share records to give you the best medical care.


Medicare continues to look for ways to better coordinate consumers care and make sure they get the best health care possible.


Here are a few examples of how your health care providers can better coordinate your care.


Electronic Health Records (EHRs) - EHRS are records that your doctor, other health care providers, medical office staff or hospitals keeps on a computer about your health care or treatments.


EHRs can help lower the chance of medical errors, eliminate duplicate testing, and may improve the quality of care.

Your doctors EHR may be able to link to a hospital, lab, pharmacy, or other doctors, so the people who care for you can have more complete picture of your health.


Electronic prescribing - This is an electronic way for your prescribers (your doctor or other health care providers who’s legally allowed to write prescriptions) to send your prescriptions directly to your  pharmacy.  Electronic prescribing can save you money, time and help keep you safe.




Funded in whole or part by a grant through the Administration for Community Living





CCAAA September Cash Awards Calendar



The Agency is currently selling Cash Awards Calendars good for the month of September 2018 only!

These calendars are only $20 and would make great gifts. 


Based on the three-digit, evening (7:00 PM), Pennsylvania Lottery Daily Number, there are up to eight different winners each day varying in prize amounts from $20 to $400! You win if your number is straight, +1, -1, or boxed based on the daily number. For example, if your number is 123, and 123 is the evening daily number, you would win $100 on weekdays, $200 on weekends, and $400 on the last day of the month! This is called straight.  If your number is 122 or 124 (+1 or -1), you would win $40. And finally, you would win $20 if your number was 132, 213, 231, 312 or 321. This is called boxed – any combination of the three digits drawn. 


Call the Agency today or stop in to pick up your lucky Cash Awards Calendar! 

All proceeds benefit the Clearfield County Area Agency on Aging, Inc.



Dining Out!



Fall 2018 Dining Out books will be available for pickup in mid-September! These coupons feature local restaurants, with a new coupon available each week from end of September through November. Call the Clearfield Center for Active Living for more details; 814-765-9319.