August 2017 Lifespan

August 1, 2017



From the CEO...


With the passage of the federal budget last Fall, new evidence-based program (EPB) guidelines were received on the U.S. Administration for Community Living (ACL) Title IIID programs    regarding disease prevention and health promotion.  The new Health and Wellness Program replaces the Primetime Health Program historically provided in the Centers for Active Living. The Agency receives Federal Funding to provide these programs through the Older Americans Act   Reauthorization 2016 via the Pennsylvania Department of Aging.  Evidence-based disease prevention and Health Promotion programs reduce the need for more costly medical interventions.The evidence-based programs currently offered through the Agency are:

Healthy Steps for Older Adults

This is a validated fall prevention program through which participants learn how to stay active, make their home safer,  manage medications, talk to their doctor, improve nutrition and learn about other valuable resources to help reduce the risk of falls.  The program consists of 2 two hour workshops and a 64 page guide.

Diabetes Self-Management Program

This is a 2 ½ hour program, held once a week for 6 weeks.These workshops are facilitated with a highly detailed manual and 2 trained leaders. Subjects covered include techniques to manage symptoms of the disease (fatigue, pain, stress, hyper/hypoglycemia and a multitude of emotional challenges related to the disease), appropriate exercise for maintaining and improving strength and endurance, healthy eating, etc. Participants create weekly action plans to carry out self-management programs. Chronic Disease Self-Management- a self-management education program for people with chronic health problems. This program specifically addresses  arthritis, diabetes, lung and heart disease, and teaches participants skills useful and effective for managing chronic              conditions.

Walk with Ease

A 6 week program proven to safely increase physical           activity levels and help participants to become knowledgeable and confident in taking action to ease health conditions and maintain overall fitness. 

Chronic Pain Self-Management

A 6 week program developed for people who have experienced long term pain (3 months or more) due to an injury or chronic health condition. Participants have experienced decreases in pain, less dependence on others, decreased medication use, increased involvement in activities, improved mood, and more energy.

Healthy IDEAS

Self Management Program developed to help participants manage their symptoms of depression.

These programs are implemented with fidelity and use a clear, consistent model that is research based, and have been demonstrated at the highest level of  effectiveness. Your Agency offers these programs to improve the quality life of our elders, as well as to promote healthier life styles as well as to reduce health care costs overall.  Participants in these programs take a proactive approach to managing their health conditions and to mitigate their risk of hospitalizations. Many of our programs are now available outside our Centers for Active Living as well, and are currently provided for consumers in senior housing and our local YMCA.


Additional information on these programs is available for those interested.  A list of current programs being offered can be accessed on our web site at or by calling us at the agency.

Be Well,

Kathy Gillespie, CEO




The agency welcomed Tammy Norman, Registered Nurse Care Manager, to our long term care unit on May 15, 2017.  In her new role, Tammy performs home and/or facility  visits to assess customers’ functioning & needs and establishes individualized action plans to help ensure safety and independence. Care management duties of the position include performing ongoing monitoring and coordinating with formal and informal supports to ensure customers have access to a comprehensive array of high quality health and  human services.


Ms. Norman is graduate of Lock Haven University and a licensed Registered Nurse. She has extensive experience working with elderly patients and their families on long-term care and end-of-life issues. Tammy has been employed as a Registered Nurse with our local hospital system for over 20 years, first as Healthy Beginnings Plus Care Coordinator with Clearfield Hospital and recently by Penn Highlands, Clearfield, as Hospice Case Manager.


Prior to receiving her RN license, Tammy served as a      Licensed Practical Nurse for Clear-Care Corporation and Oral Surgery Associates.



On May 31, 2017, William “Bill” Mosley joined our “Meals on Wheels & More” staff as a casual delivery driver. This important role helps ensure meals are delivered to homebound individuals when regular, part-time staff are unavailable. Bill previously served as Squad Leader in the United States Marine Corp. Following his military service, Mr. Mosley was employed for over 30 years by the United States Postal Service. Bill retired at the end of 2010 from his job as Postmaster of the Post Office in Olanta, PA. In his search for something to do and a desire to help others, we’re glad Bill found and joined our team.



Next, we introduce Joseph Witherite, who began employment on June 12, 2017 as Protective Services Care Manager.  As a member of our protective services department, Joseph’s role is to protect  older adults and persons with disabilities from abuse, neglect, and exploitation by investigating and providing or arranging services necessary to alleviate or prevent further abuse.  We’re confident he is up for this challenge.


Mr. Witherite earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from the Pennsylvania State University.  He also graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania’s police academy Act 120 program. Joseph has over five years’ experience as a police officer, serving as Patrolman for Clearfield Borough and Curwensville Borough and, most recently, as Corporal of Police for Decatur Township.  He has experience with home care needs of individuals through his prior employment as a Personal Care Aide with Community Resources for Independence.  Other former  employers include Global Custom Decorating and Penn Traffic Company.



This final staff smile belongs to George Vaughn. George joined the CCAAA on June 21, 2017 as a casual Center Manager. He works as a substitute when regular paid center managers are absent, ensuring clients of the center have opportunities to    socialize, volunteer, learn about health related issues, and receive a hot, nutritious meal in an atmosphere of caring and sharing. Mr. Vaughn’s prior employers include Piper Aircraft, Prudential Insurance, Lockheed Aeronautical Systems, Grice Gun Shop and Lowes. George worked in the auto parts business for over two decades, serving as parts manager and store manager for several companies. George’s enthusiasm is contagious!


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Clearfield County Area Agency on

Aging, Inc. Celebrating 40 Years of Service to Seniors in Our Community


Incorporated in 1977, the CCAAA, Inc. is celebrating 40 years of providing high quality health and human services to residents of Clearfield County. In our efforts to provide service, the   distances we have covered are almost beyond comprehension. In a more figurative sense, we have also traveled very far; many more people are now served and with more service options. The agency’s role has shifted from that of a direct service provider to a position of developing, coordinating, and leading community responses to an ever growing array of needs. As a nonprofit, charitable organization, our efforts to serve are increasingly  supported with charitable and benevolent gifts.


In our first decade, we created a basic array of core services in accordance with the requirements of the federal Older                  Americans Act.  Senior Centers, Meals on Wheels, Homemaker Services, Information and Referral, Case Management, and   Senior Transportation began and later became known as a “continuum of service.” Neither great in scope nor budget back then, these fledgling services continue today with strength and vitality.


Commitment to this important mission grew among the Board of Directors and staff and soon extended outside of the Agency into the community. The CCAAA placed a new emphasis on    volunteerism and service capabilities leapt forward.  Numerous programs and initiatives were attempted and many had         profound impact.  Names of programs such as Blizzard Boxes, Meals on Wheels, SAFE Home, PET-Vet, Elder Shield, and Tax Aide became well known and widely supported by               volunteers and groups.


The energy of this young Agency was also directed toward finding new ways to respond to identified needs. A significant number of competitive and demonstration grants were secured from state and federal sources, as well as local and national foundations. These included efforts such as AAA/MH-MR Case Mix, Rural Senior Center programming, Respite Care, Transitional Care, and Intergenerational programming. Local foundation support came from the Walker Foundation and the Clearfield County Charitable Foundation, with national funding from Points of Light as well as the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.


Quality service requires up to date facilities and soon funding was directed toward construction of new Centers for Active Living in DuBois and Clearfield. A new corporate office was also built, creating a modern 10,000 square foot facility in the heart of downtown Clearfield. Just five years later, an additional 1,400 square feet was added to accommodate continued growth.  Other senior center facilities were upgraded, sometimes through renovation and other times by moving to obtain larger or more accessible space.  In 2005 a new Meal Production Distribution Facility was built and in 2016 was upgraded to a larger facility centrally located in Curwensville.


As the first years came to a close, the AAA consciously chose to shift dependence away from governmental support by building upon our own positive image as a charitable organization. A Director of Business Development position was created and Mature Resources Foundation was formed to raise and hold funds for special and future AAA program needs. An auxiliary, The Friends of the Area Agency on Aging, was also created to enhance the visibility of the AAA and to provide an army of committed, service-minded volunteers.


Currently the agency is going through changes in response to developments on the state level.  We expect that 2017 will            continue to present us with additional opportunities to serve our elders in ever evolving and changing ways. As our senior    population grows, we will continue to develop our resources to effectively respond to their present needs and to prepare to  effectively meet their future needs. We will remain vigilant in our efforts to find new creative ways to provide services and commit to maintain our cutting-edge history.


Even as the AAA service lines continue to evolve based on need, the Agency is  keenly aware of our primary purpose: To advocate for and to protect our elders. We do this by keeping focused on our mission of providing a comprehensive array of the highest quality health and human services to the residents of Clearfield County.  We will continue to provide reliable, quality services for our elders and remain as flexible as possible to continue to meet those very diverse and ever changing needs.