The Farmer Market program starts June 11 in Clearfield County.    Below you will find "Proxy Forms". A proxy is an individual authorized by an eligible senior to act on the senior’s behalf, including receipt  of Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program (SFMNP) checks and use of SFMNP checks at authorized outlets, as long as the SFMNP benefits are ultimately received by the eligible senior.


There are a few rules attached to a proxy----- 

  • The program is for individuals 60 years of age or older.  The person may turn 60 years of age anytime between January 1, 2019 and December 31, 2019.  This program is not for people under age 60 on disability.  This is a PA Department of Agriculture program.

  • Income requirements include total income (including interest, Social security, wages, etc.)

  • The Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program does not include seniors who are living in nursing home facilities, personal care homes, convents and residential facilities where  meals are provided.

  • A half sheet intake  is required for each participant. If a Proxy form is completed, an intake is also needed. Proof of residency and age are required for both the participant and the proxy.

  • Proxies are limited to 4 per person acting as the proxy.  POA’s (Power of Attorney) must also have a completed proxy.

Proxies can be anyone who the recipient authorizes to obtain the checks for them and in many cases even purchase the food.  The exception is that case workers are not permitted to be a proxy. Proxy forms are not mailed.  The proxy doesn’t have to be the one picking up the form – anyone could pick up the form.  However, the proxy would have to be the one to get the form signed, bring it in and provide ID for both the proxy and the participant.  


Forms can be picked up at our office, or at any of the seven centers in the county. Individuals must live in Clearfield County but, can use the vouchers at any participating  Farmers Market in the state of PA.


Income guideline are as follows:

$23,107    Single

$31,284    Married Couple

$39,461    3 person household

$47,638    4 person household

$55,815    5 person household

$63,992   6 person household

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